Telecom/Roaming Consultancy

Our Roam-up! partner division offers roaming consultancy on a variety of International Roaming topics. Examples of consultancy services are Roaming Agreement Negotiation, commercial IOT discount negotiations and account management.

Roam-Up! works – on a worldwide basis – for telecom operators (mobile and fixed), international carriers, Service Providers, MVNO's, MVNE's, vendors, regulators, and interest groups.

We are also offering training seminars in roaming. These seminars will give a comprehensive understanding and overview of today's roaming business. We can offer different levels of seminars which cover commercial aspects as well as technical ones. The courses are on a one-day basis and are accessible for technical and non-technical people.

Our trainers are skilled in roaming. They gained their knowledge at operators where they worked for many years as managers of International Roaming or as IREG/TADIG managers at operators and/or clearing houses.

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