The KeyIT-Solution GmbH
                        LogIT Services Group

The KeyIT-Solution GmbH offers support with the realization of IT projects to corporate clients as its core business. We call this "Expert Placement". Our IT experts are flexibly deployable, so you can staff your projects quickly and cost-effectively.

Further core areas of our activities are BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) as well as tasks and services in the field of IT and logistics.

  • The KeyIT-Solution GmbH currently employs 40 salaried contributors and permanently the same amount of freelancers.
  • The KeyIT-Solution GmbH commands a considerable, freelancing pool of experts.
  • The KeyIT-Solution GmbH is a member of a large association of companies with over 350 employees. The LogIT Services Group with is international partners.
  • The KeyIT-Solution GmbH has successfully established itself on today's market since its inception in 1998.